Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello Spring

 On this day I decided I wanted to blog more. A bit more than just Instagram and Facebook. I literally waited and waited for the weather to finally get right. I started taking pictures indoors however, I honestly feel like I can't express myself the way I would want to with the limitations. I was anxious and ready to take pictures. To show off my 7 months old belly, to put my newly purchased tools to good use and to share my joy with the world.

I love being pregnant. If only morning sickness didn't exist!
7 Months :)

Top & Skirt: Tanny's Couture
Shoes: Zara

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  1. cute! I love doing preggo fashion pics too! I'm 8 months :)

    1. Thank You! I'm 8 months a well with a boy :) How excited are you?

  2. Hi, I love this look. And I'm so happy to find another (African American) woman who is pregnant and blogging about it. I've read that your on FB & Instagram but don't have a link. Please advise where you're at. Check out my blog too when you get a chance.
    Tea Todd!/myloveforjuju!/pages/The-Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tea/102487646489268

    1. Thank You for stopping by. Love your blog as well it's so informative. I recently created my facebook fan page I will like yours now. find me on instagram __2blessed__ :*


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